Daniel Caffrey

Dan Caffrey, Daniel Caffrey, Morwell Candidate 2014, Greens Morwell Candidate 2014

Daniel Caffrey is pictured in this photo taken near the Crinoline beyond Licola.

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I’m running for the lower house seat of Morwell, because I want to bring to everyone’s attention that a healthy and sound society cannot be built on the premise that climate change science is wrong.

I’m a Greens member because I believe they are the only party that understands and respects the importance of climate change science implementation.

I will fight for sustainable non polluting industries to come into the Latrobe Valley that support a renewable energy economy, such as manufacturers of components for wind farms, solar installations and solar hot water, energy efficient appliances, food processing, forestry and more intensive agriculture, higher education and Health, that will compensate for the loss of jobs as Hazelwood and Yallourn Power stations are eased into closure. The invasion of the Coal Seam Gas industry into Gippsland is also of great concern to me.

However, the major parties want to see more coal developments in the Latrobe Valley, which means more devastation of high quality food producing land that evicts farming families from their homes and robs the area’s towns of commerce and trade.

The coal industry here is like an animal which eats itself. Morwell, which has the second lowest house prices in Australia is dying because of the industry which once fed it. The richness and wealth producing potential of the Latrobe Valley is being sacrificed so that others can have “cheap” electricity and big company profits at the expense of the health and living standards of the people here.

Morwell has an unemployment rate of 12 % and the health of its residents is worse than other areas. I will fight to prevent the 13 billion tonne allocation of brown coal that the Napthine Government wants to impose on the Latrobe Valley.

I will fight against government money for further developments of “clean coal technologies” that will still put unacceptable amounts of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, all for the sake of the profits of big companies and very few jobs for locals and I will fight to have the coal companies remediate the open cuts to make them fire proof for when the next extreme weather conditions arrive.

The big parties don’t have the guts to develop a plan that will set a timetable for phasing out the old polluting power stations that have been responsible for so much environmental damage to this area and to the Gippsland Lakes.

Together with the Napthine Government’s “Move On” Laws that prevent peaceful protest, we could see farmers arrested for simply trying to protect their ability to run their business from the effects of an industry which is little more than a toxic uncontrolled experiment. Coming from a dairy farming background, I promise to stand firmly with country people against the CSG drillers. In closing, as a member of the Green Team, I represent the interests of my children’s generation and when I look 10 years into the future I want a sustainable world for them that is not threatening to collapse around them by the time they are my age. Only the Greens have the foresight underpinned by solid scientific principles to deliver this certainty of action.



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